James Long

Student. Developer of Relay, AltKeyboard 2, Lyricalizer, etc. Founder of Evolse and Gyresoft.

On AltKeyboard

Firstly, I would like to apologise to all of the purchasers of AltKeyboard 2 from iOS 7, who have not received an upgrade through the iOS 8 release cycle. It's unacceptable that I haven't found the time to update the package to iOS 8 support through the year. Sentry wanted some newer features added from AltKeyboard (App Store), and throughout the course of the year with University and a multitude of personal issues, I could never seem to find the time to finish adding these features in.

As the iOS 9 release date is 4 days away, at this point releasing an update for iOS 8 seems to be fairly moot. However, I have disabled the half added features, done some bug fixing for iOS 8, and submitted an update (1.0.9) to BigBoss, which should be live at some point within the next couple of days (if not already by the time you're reading this). As always, if you have any bug reports, please report them to me and I'll get them fixed up and an update pushed out.

The future of AltKeyboard 2 is still uncertain, and once iOS 9 has been released I will evaluate what we can do with AltKeyboard. Some of the core features (e.g. cursor seeking) have now been included in the stock keyboard, so I'm currently unsure as to how much AltKeyboard would add to the iOS 9 experience. If you have any thoughts on this, or any feature requests, again please feel free to reach out to me.

As confirmed by @lorand, the App Store version of AltKeyboard is currently not going ahead. We have a build approved in the App Store, however both us, as well as our beta testers feel that it's not currently in a good enough shape to be released into the wild, mainly due to poor autocorrect. Implementing a great autocorrect will be a lot of work, and as the sole developer I can't dedicate the time to creating a better autocorrect system. We might revisit this in the future, but for the moment there unfortunately won't be an App Store version of AltKeyboard.

James (ac3xx).